Our ‘Away’ Product

One world.
Seven continents.
Twenty four time zones.
Endless destinations.
Countless experiences …

Here at Meet360 Events we are privileged to have travelled extensively and experienced first-hand, a lot of what our world has to offer. Not solely in a travel sense, but specifically from an event organization perspective. With over 20 years of international event management experience in all corners of the globe, we have performed in most major destinations, and are in a unique position to partner with you. From Rio to Sydney … from Istanbul to Paris … we can truly add value.

Entrust us with your next kick-off, product launch or sales incentive … or better still, let us identify and develop the concept and journey for your next event. You will not be disappointed.

Our healthy relationship with a tried and trusted network of respected industry partners, as well as first hand exposure to the ins and outs of event management in numerous destinations, are a priceless asset we are only to glad to share with you.

A luxury incentive safari in South Africa? Your annual kick-off meeting in Lisbon? Your company’s participation at a major international congress in San Francisco? Your team building event in Rome? It’s all about the journey, not the destination …

Let us introduce you to our extensive portfolio.